Speaker Presentations of 2017 Conference

Summary Table of Presentations IN 2017
No Speaker Name Title of Presentation
1 Anant Goenka, Managing Director, CEAT Tyres Ltd CEAT’s Journey to Deming Prize 2017: The Story of CEAT’s successful challenge of Deming Prize and the lessons it holds.
2 Yukihiro Ando, Independent Japanese TQM Counsellor Daily Management and Policy Management: Vehicles for Quality-centred Management for tomorrow
3 Mahesh Hegde, Founder, LearnEx Consulting & TQM Counsellor Problem Solving for Today and Tomorrow
4 Anup Patil, Chief Executive Officer, Intangles Lab Pvt Ltd IoT and (Re) Delivering Customer Value
5 Janak Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director, TQM International Pvt Ltd History of Quality Renaissance in India and the bright future ahead
6 S M Balasubramaniyan, Chairman & Chief Mentor, Digital Core Technologies Pvt Ltd Role of Quality: Emerging Trends in Service Industry
7 K S G Shankar, Independent Transformation Coach Role of Quality in Industry 4.0
8 K V Ramamohan, Formerly Vice President & Head (Business Excellence), Infosys Ltd” Role of Quality in providing the needed disruption in tomorrow’s business
9 Srijith Sreenivasan, Associate Director (Management Consulting) Quality Transformation for future in the evolving world