How To Choose The Right ISO Certification Provider?


How To Choose The Right ISO Certification Provider?

Finding the perfect ISO certification provider requires a lot of time and money to be invested, but once you get the right one, it’ll definitely be worth it. Here is how you can find the right ISO certification provider, without wasting a lot of time and money – more than what is required. Look out for these important attributes when selecting your ISO certification provider. And, once you are rightly certified, you can get in touch with ISQ and participate in the Quality Management Event in India to share your thoughts and speak about your experiences about your success with a certified Quality Management System in place.


You need to choose a certification body that has a solid reputation. A good name goes a long way. By choosing a certification body with great reputation, you can have your stakeholders assured of your business and quality too, thus meaning more business. So, how well recognized is the certification body that you are considering? Do some research on Google and social media platforms to get a judgment about the reputation of the company.


Anyone can give you a document saying that you are ISO certified; but remember that not everyone is licensed to do so. You need to be sure that the body you are getting ISO certification from is accredited/licensed to do so from the local government body. If you want to be sure that your ISO certification will be accepted anywhere, it is important to choose a body that is accredited by the government. You can look up online to see if the certification provider you are opting for is accredited or not.

Expeience and specializration

You need a certification provider who knows the ins and outs of your business so that you can save time there. They should have worked with your industry before so that they can understand your business better without having you to waste your time explaining to them.

Integrated audit

You may start with only one ISO certification, but what about when you want to implement different ISO certifications further in the future? This is when an integrated audit is what you need. This will have you saving time, efforts, and money on going through separate audits for each individual system; and instead do a single audit for all the systems together.

Cultural fit

Gaining a good understanding about the personality of the certification provider can help you know if they are the right cultural fit for making a partnership with. It is important that the certification provider’s communication style and corporate personality lines up with your corporate culture. You can gain an insight into their personality by analyzing the way they communicate.

Location and staffing

Where the certification provider is located, and how big/small it is, is also of great importance. Another consideration is whether they work physically or online? Next you must see if they are full-time performers or contractors. While all these may not be the most important, they may be a matter of concern for certain companies. And after all, it is always better to be able to sit across the table and communicate rather than doing so online or through the phone/mail.

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